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Practice of Law.  
Private Practice: MN, CO, DC, MD, OH; Hyatt Legal Services, Washington, DC; Office of the Attorney General of Ohio, Assistant Attorney General & Special Counsel.

Program Design & Consultation. 
Family Mediation Association, Inc., Hmong American Mediation Association, Inc., Somali Community Relations Council, Inc.; American Bar Association Pilot Project for the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, (as employee of DC Superior Court, various African and South American Countries, Canada and US States)

Program Administration.  
Superior Court of DC, Acting Director Dispute Resolution Division; Chief, Family & Community Branch; Interim Director Family Mediation Program. Circuit Court for Prince George's County, MD, Director, Custody Mediation Program.

Court Mediator.

8th Judicial District Court, Ft Collins, CO; Prince George's County Circuit Court, MD; District of Columbia Superior Court: Family; Small Claims; Civil I & II; Probate; Tax Mediation; Neutral Case Evaluation; Civil Arbitration.

Minnesota Rule 114 Qualified Family & Civil Neutral.
MN Court of Appeals Family Mediation; The Mediation Center, Hamline Univ.; Hmong American Mediation Center; Private Practice Family Mediation; (Formerly Private Practice in CO, MD, and Washington, DC).

Over 40 Years Of Experience Serving People in Conflict

I will use my extensive experience and training in dispute resolution, healing, and restorative processes, to focus this process on you, your family and what you need; and on helping you make your best, most informed decisions on your future and how to get there.

Mediation Jones

Terence Gray Jones, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law / Mediator & Family Law Coach

Your life. Your family. Your decisions.

Trainer, Mentor Evaluator
Superior Court for the District of Columbia, Washington, DC;
Montgomery County (MD) Circuit Court and Bar Assn; Prince Georges County (MD) Circuit Court; American Bar Assn; American Law Institute-ABA; State Justice Institute; Hamline University School of Law, Mediation Center; Hmong American Mediation Center, Inc. Others.