Mediation Jones

Terence Gray Jones, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law / Mediator & Family Law Coach

Your life. Your family. Your decisions.

Your Life.

Your family. Your needs. Your ideas. Your solutions. 

Your Money. 

Do what you can for yourself. Pay only for legal advice and services you choose.

Your Time.

Go at your pace -not lawyers’ schedules and courts’ dockets.


Mediators are forbidden by law to share information relating to the content of your mediation.


Focus on present and future needs
Minimize financial and emotional costs
Longer lasting
more satisfying  solutions

If you don’t decide - ​the Judge will.

Your Mediation.

Your needs set the agenda! Not abstract philosophy or rigid rules.

Your Solutions.

You know what really works in your life.

If it works better, it will last longer.

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