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Terence Gray Jones, Esq.

Attorney & Counselor at Law / Mediator & Family Law Coach

Your life. Your family. Your decisions.


•    How does this process work?

•    Is this different from mediation?

•    What is mediation?
•    Will this process work for me?
•    What can we mediate?
•    What happens in mediation?
•    How long will it take?

•    How much will it cost?
•    What should I NOT expect?

Q: How does this process work?
A: We will meet with both parties, sometimes together, sometimes separately.

•    We will provide structure and direction for you to accomplish the steps you need to take in order to resolve the problem(s) that you brought to us.

•    We will work with you to do what you are unable to do on your own.

•    At your request, we can prepare, or help you prepare, the documents you need to memorialize your decisions in a formal or informal legal manner.
Q: Is This Different from Mediation?
A:  Yes, in the last steps, once you have made the necessary decisions, we can help you with the purely administrative tasks of implementing them.

Q: What Is Mediation?
A:  Mediation is a process for finding answers. It is proven to be effective in helping you work through your disagreements and problems and arrive at lasting and workable solutions. It is a way:
     • to be listened to and heard;
     • to clarify your current situation;
     • to identify what you really need, want and can do for your future; and
     • to figure out what to do to get from where you are now to where you want to be.
Q: Will Mediation Work for Me?
A: Mediation has worked for all kinds of cases and all kinds of people. Most couples start out thinking it won’t work for them, and most are able to find solutions to some or all of their concerns. 
Q: What Can I Mediate?
A: You can mediate anything we all agree to talk about:    

           Children. Marriage. Money. Property. Assets. Debts. Court. Whatever!
Q: What Happens in Mediation?
A: When we meet, we will listen and process with you to:
     •Identify facts, needs and wants, real interests and the information you need to move forward.

     •Create and Test various solutions and strategies to achieve your goals.
Q: How Long Will It Take?
A: How long your case will take depends on how complex it is (children, assets, debts, etc.) and your ability to focus on solutions. Most cases takes two to six hours; the average is about 3 hours. We will set our initial meeting for two or three hours, and then see if any more time is needed.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: The cost depends on the complexity of your situation and your willingness to work on solutions. Most cases finish in two to six hours. The average case takes less than 3 hours.
Q: What Should I NOT Expect?
A: Mediation is NOT about someone else telling you what to do; making decisions for you; who was right or wrong in the past; assigning blame, fault, guilt or innocence.; or about proving your legal case or rights.

Remember, most people find solutions in this process.